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What is therapy like? 

What can I expect from my

first session?


Therapy is a safe place where you are encouraged

to "unpack" everything that is going on in your life,

and understand  the connections to joy and

wellness, as  well as understand healthy boundaries

with the scruff that might reduce joy, wellness or 


Therapy is also a place where "you are the expert on you;" your therapist is absolutely a professional with extensive education & training, and they are there to support your inner genius and your intrinsic knowledge!

When you feel like your life has stress, pressure, confusion, worry, uncertainty, depression or anxiety, you might reach out to a therapist to support understanding this better & learn strategies that you get to take with you for the rest of your life!


You might call a therapist, but remember, therapists are busy too!  so be patient and they will typically call back or email back in a couple days.  If you do feel you have a urgent concern or are in crisis, please be sure to reach out to emergency services!  Your safety & wellness is of utmost importance. 


Walking into a therapist office is a lot like walking into a small doctors office, but maybe a bit more cozy & comfortable.  The first session is typically a review of information you supplied on your intake form and address concerns that you may have.


As you progress in your therapeutic journey, you will get into the real nitty gritty, strategies & processing activities, psychotherapy, counseling activities, art therapy, journaling and carving a new path to your ultimate goal.

Divine Healing
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