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Job details

Salary:$33-35 an hour

Job Type:Part-time

Remote and/or in person


Full Job Description


Job description

Associate Mental Health Therapist

Summer Sessions Counseling is looking for an associate therapist to be a part of the team!  This is a part time W-2 position for an Associate Therapist in California with a registration number from BBS. The ideal candidate has prior experience in human services, a desire to grow, and willingness to “sit in the muck” with clients.



  • Masters Degree in Counseling

  • License or Registration Number with the BBS


This job will be a good fit if the following describes you:

  • Willing to hold meaningful and deep space for clientele

  • Finds balance in being organized, detail oriented, working independently, and having a sense of humor, being in touch with your authentic self, working collaboratively.

  • Holds a “come as you are” approach to supporting others

  • Prioritizes healthy communication, conflict resolution and 

  • Dependable, trustworthy, growth mindset

  • Prior work with children, disordered eating (trained/certified), LGBTQ a PLUS


Job Responsibilities:

  • Build and maintain a caseload of 20-25 clients weekly

    • Be on time for sessions

    • Maintain regular communication and boundaries

    • Adhere to time requirements, note taking and submission deadlines

  • Conduct intakes, psychosocial assessments, and mental health diagnosis including the clients’ acuity, strengths, and treatment needs

  • Develop family-centered and culturally appropriate treatment plans and provide outpatient services to include: providing individual counseling, family counseling and couples counseling. Use evidence-based practices and trauma-informed practices.

  • Responsible for clinical documentation, i.e., progress notes, patient assessments, service/treatment plans, and other forms/records as required in a timely manner. Maintain detailed case files and other documentation in 100% compliance with the program standards.

  • Work with children, disordered eating (trained/certified), LGBTQ a PLUS

  • Complete BBS paperwork

  • Other duties as assigned


Application Requirements:


Summer Sessions Counseling prioritizes emotional health and mental health support as a right for all.  Equity and access to all, normalizing mental health and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health looks like being authentic, sounds like compassionate healthy communication and feels like validation and unconditional positive regard.  An important emphasis on “come as you are” is evident here, and if you like plants….. Added bonus!


Holding space for and validating areas of discomfort is quite the undertaking!  But you have healthy boundaries and a healthy mindset that allows you to interact from a place of authenticity and availability.


Diversity is a must! We encourage people of color, minorities, LGBTQ+ candidates, as well as disabled individuals and those who have been consumers of mental health services to apply. We celebrate being an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate in employment on the basis of any protected status or other non-merit factors.


Therapists start with a base pay which is paid per billable sessions, Building a full caseload may take up to 3 months


We provide:

  • A chill work environment

  • Referrals and marketing

  • Growth opportunities

  • EHR for ease of notes & billing

  • Weekly supervision / consultation

  • Newly Renovated office space

  • Flexible work schedule


Job Types: Part-time (20-30 hours)

Pay: Starting from $33-$40 per clinical hour


Work Location:

* Downtown San Luis Obispo

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