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Summer Vibes Year Round

Summer Sessions Counseling

Therapy & Coaching


You have a story, and you deserves to talk to someone!



  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Adjustments / Life Changes

  • Trauma 

  • Narcissistic Abuse

  • Military Transitions


I geek out over meeting you where you are and understanding your unique needs. Need a therapist to jump into the thick of the muck with you, create a safe place to be vulnerable or talk about all the things you never thought you would say out loud? You've found your therapeutic sweet spot!

The world is a hectic place, where anxiety & depression can really consume us. The world is also a beautiful place where we are meant to live to the fullest, harmonious as the precious amazing people that each of us are! Sometimes we experience heightened emotions as a side effect of life circumstances. I look forward to unpacking all of this with you!

Equity & access to therapy is essential: from the convenience of home, no commute, no stigma, & complete confidentiality. Whether brief,  life transition, a safe outlet, or a longer goal, you deserve to be heard, and you deserve self-care. Live true to yourself and be proud to show up for yourself!. No shame in getting a little therapy.


  • Convenient

  • Confidential

  • No Commute

  • Less time away

  • Equitable

  • Accessible 

  • Just as beneficial 

  • Call to see if telehealth sessions are right for you

Let's get back to living life unapologetically!



50 min   I  $120

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