Summer Vibes Year Round

Summer Sessions Counseling

Therapy & Life Coaching


Everyone has a story, everyone deserves to talk to someone every now and then.



  • Stress, Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Adjustments / Life Changes

  • Trauma 

  • Military Transitions

Equity and access to therapy and counseling is essential. You have access from the convenience of home, with no concern of commute, interfering in other life needs, stigma, all with complete confidentiality. Whether brief, a life transition, value for having a confidential outlet, or a longer goal, you deserve to be heard, and you deserve self-care. Live true to yourself and be proud to practice self-care. No shame in getting a little therapy.


  • Convenient

  • Confidential

  • No Commute

  • Less time away

  • Equitable

  • Accessible 

  • Just as beneficial 

  • Call to see if telehealth sessions are right for you

Let's get back to living life unapologetically!



50 min   I  $120

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